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Even though mobile phones have evolved drastically but the relevance of Android SMS even in today's era has not faded a bit. No matter how crucial other messaging platforms would have becomes for us but we are yet to find a proper replacement for Android SMS. Even today, billions of text messages are sent and received everyday across the globe.


Infact, after the emergence of android phones as a dominant factor, the power of SMS texts has actually gone up. The additions in the android phones have made SMS texts far more sophisticated. Now we have the facility of sending long text messages along with multimedia content, which was not possible a decade back. Nobody can deny the fact that the importance of SMS in today's market is intact despite presence of mediums like WhatsApp and email.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Android SMS Service


The messaging feature on android generally works on the global cellular network supported by the network of towers installed around the globe. In order to send or receive a message your phone must have the connectivity to any adjacent tower. Once your phone establishes communication with the tower, the control channel carves the path for the message. So when the message is sent, it goes to the SMS center via nearby tower. The SMSC then forwards the message to the nearest tower located to the destination of the message and thereafter it reaches the receiver.

Indeed, there are platforms like SMS Plus that can do the job of sending SMS from Android phone very efficiently for you. This also provides you with exclusive features like customized panel, package customization, delivery report, analytics report, API gateway, mobile forms & survey templates and a lot more.

Yes, you can send SMS from android mobile phone. For this, first click on the message icon on your mobile phone. Now click on compose and write down the text that you want to send. Once you are done with typing down the message then choose a name from your contact list to which you want to send this text or enter the phone number of the recipient. And finally, click on the send button to transfer the message to the person whose name or number has been entered in the recipient corner.

The Android SMS comes with following features:
  • Character limit up to 1070 characters
  • Multimedia content sharing features
  • Read receipts
  • Chatting in large groups i.e. one can chat with up to 100 people at a time
  • Transfer of large sized files

To enable SMS on your android phone first go into the settings menu of your phone, if it is not visible on your phone screen. Now tap on apps and notification menu. Thereafter, scroll down to the advanced setting section and tap on default apps. After tapping on default apps, click on default SMS/ texting app.


So, even in today's age where we get to see new messaging platforms every new day, the relevance of SMS texts cannot be ignored. SMS is the only medium that is likely to yield more favourable results for your campaigns than any other medium because its impact on the masses is far deeper than any other medium. SMS Plus can help your business with mass Android SMS scheduling.

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