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API SMS services in Gurgaon can help your company to send messages to your customers anywhere in the world. API or Application Programming Interface is a mode by which the functions of one computer programme can be made available to another computer programme.


An API tool helps in the integration of your in-house software or website and you can send the messages to your customer through a Gateway. The SMS gets delivered instantly which makes your customers feel special and creates a personalized touch. SMS today is considered as the best way of communication and has a huge scope if we talk about it as a marketing tool.


TV Advertising and Radio broadcasting are indeed effective, but what if you can get the same benefits at almost half the price of traditional advertising? The SMS API Integration automate instant SMS notifications to be sent if there is a system failure, create a unique activation code which will be sent to your clients through SMS, send the automated SMS notifications when bookings are made, and send automated appointment reminders through SMS.


Simply put, you can send text messages to various customers at just the click of a button. You can opt for API Integration Services in Delhi which will help you in sending a message to your customers within minutes. You can send automated messages to your target customers directly from your own platform in a hassle free manner.



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In today’s IT-driven era, the API Application Programming Interface is a building block of business communication. API is the set of routines, protocols, and tools that are used for building software applications. However earlier the use of API was just restricted to the software programming task. Back then anyone would have hardly thought that one day it would become a bridge between the poles apart infrastructure of SMS and internet.


And gradually with the passage of time, it went on to become a backbone of text messaging. It would be nowhere wrong to say that the amalgamation of API and SMS is an ultimate combination of speed and outreach, as the delivery rate of SMS API is far greater than the conventional medium. Also, the integration of SMS into API gives you an added advantage of sending texts across the platforms with just a few clicks. Whereas the same exercise in the absence of API might turn out to be a nightmare since API is also a smart manager of the inflow and outflow of your text messages.


Apart from giving speed, API oriented text messages also provide a safety cover to your text messages by delivering it to the right destination. Therefore, in a nutshell, it can be said that the use of API SMS lets you get those 3'Rs right that every business tries to get. These 3'Rs are sending the right thing, to the right person at the right time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for API


The SMS API is a software interface that enables codes to send text messages through the SMS gateway. The API works as a bridge between the divided infrastructures of internet and SMS communications. API, in general, performs the function of bridging the gap between the carrier network of telecommunications and the wider web. SMS APIs facilitate easy sending and receiving of text messages via web applications within the standard frameworks of web.

To integrate API in the software using Bulk SMS panel you must have two things:

  • SMS Plugin
  • API


If you don't have an SMS plugin, then you can ask for it from your website developer while you can get your API from your Bulk SMS providing company. Once you have completed both these things, then:

  1. Login into your SMS website.
  2. Install and activate that SMS plugin.
  3. Then fill up parameters like server address and your account credentials.
  4. Save these changes by clicking on the save to complete the process.
To get easy access to your SMS API:
  1. Sign up for the SMS API's user account.
  2. Choose from the available Sms APIs.
  3. Then test the endpoints.
  4. Obtain a Code Snippet for your programming language.
  5. Now integrate it in your app.

No, there is no separate costing for SMS API. In fact, it comes as a part of the Bulk SMS package. Almost all the bulk SMS packages have SMS API. But in case if it isn't a part of your package, then:

  1. Sign up for the SMS API's user account.
  2. Pick an SMS API from the free APIs available on our website.
  3. Test the endpoints before surging ahead.

Before you begin with the integration process you must make sure that you have:

  • Sms Plugin
  • API


In case you don't have either of them you ask for the former one from your web developer and latter one from your Bulk SMS providing company. After collecting both these things:

  1. First, sign up for the SMS API account.
  2. Then choose an API from the available ones.
  3. Take your endpoints through a testing.
  4. Obtain your code snippet.
  5. Then install and activate the SMS plugin.
  6. Fill up details like server address and account login credentials.
  7. Click on save and wait for the completion of the process.


So, if you are a business that is looking for a magic wand that can deliver your SMS texts with speed and safety apart from managing them, then SMS Plus's API is surely that magical wand. The SMS API of SMS Plus comes with the exclusive features like two way messaging, Delivery report, message tagging, API web push, management of text validity period, and dedicated inbound numbers. And most importantly you get this at affordable price.

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