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In today's time, when the internet is almost in every nook and corner, a tool like Bulk Email campaign services is an ultimate game changer. In India, right now there are more than 400 million active mobile internet connections, which is far greater than the population of some American and European nations. But before delving deeper into the question as to why A bulk Email campaign is the need of the hour; let's have a look at some interesting figure that will bring more clarity in our perspective.


Right now in India, there are more than 300 million email accounts. Astonishingly, this 300 million figure used to be even less than 50 just one decade back. This means the number of email users has gone up by almost 600%. Apart from this, an average working email user receives around 120 emails every day. These facts show why the medium of email holds so much relevance in the game of marketing.


Therefore, the proper utilization of tools like Bulk Email can take you straight away to the inboxes of more than 300 million people. However, just getting an entry into their inboxes is not enough as thousands of brands like you are already there or are about to reach into their inboxes. But registering your presence in their inboxes is more important. And it cannot be done without the support of an experienced service provider. Hence, this tool of Bulk email is a golden opportunity for you to make your presence felt in this highly competitive market.


Email Features


  • Inbuilt Templates

  • Easy to Use Content Editor

  • Use Custom Template

  • Detailed Email Reports

  • Schedule Emails

  • Free Support

  • Critical Alerts

  • Staff/ Team Emails

  • Personalized Emails

  • Maximum Inbox Delivery

  • Bulk Data Upload

  • One Click Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Bulk Email Campaign


Bulk email campaign services are an exercise in which a company or a platform allows its users to send the bulk amount of emails to a large number of recipients in a specific frame of time. This service allows you to send a single message to thousands and thousands of recipients. The biggest advantage that comes with bulk email services is that it allows you to send emails to as many people as you wish. The bulk email campaign services are usually priced according to the frequency and number of mails one wants to send. With the Bulk email package of SMS Plus, you can send as many emails to thousands of subscribers as you want.

To send unlimited bulk emails, firstly you would need to do is set up your own SMTP. This will enable you to send unlimited bulk emails to multiple people in a single click. The first step of the process is setting up an SMTP email server on a Virtual Private Server. Setting up an SMTP server is a cost-effective option as you can send as many emails as you want without any monthly fee. All you have to pay is hosting fee to your hosting service provider which is even less than $5 in some cases. But if you will send emails in bulk quantity then there is a possibility that your server will get blocked by the service provider. Thus, to avoid this situation you can opt for the technique of server rotation. The server rotation technique will help you to send mail in large quantities in a round-robin fashion. It will help your server remain undetected despite transferring Bulk quantity mails. Nevertheless, you can also opt for the scalability method under which you can increase or decrease the number of servers depending upon the volume of your emails.

A bulk emailing software can be termed as best only when it provides you the luxury of sending the maximum number of mails in minimum efforts. Apart from this, class apart Bulk emailing software, must-have features like quick-fire delivery, unlimited mailing list, unsubscribe Wizard, built-in spam checker and most importantly auto delete bounce. Although it is difficult to get all of these features in a single package gladly you get all these with SMS Plus's Bulk emailing software. And that too at a price that will not put even a slight burden on your pocket.

To send Bulk email from Outlook:
  1. Click on the contacts icon.
  2. Then press control and choose the contacts that you want to send the mail.
  3. Then press the 'only selected contacts' bubble and select email.
  4. Choose a subject and click on the 'OK' button.
  5. Type down the main body text.
  6. Click on 'Finish and Merge' and send the mail.

No, there is no limit whatsoever on the sending of Bulk emails in a day. In fact, you can send even more than one million emails in a day via SMTP. Nevertheless, the bulk email campaign package of SMS Plus is also fully capable of handling and delivering a large volume of emails to the unlimited number of contacts at a lightning-fast speed. Apart from these features, our packages also have some other exciting add-ons like round the clock tech support, analytics and real-time delivery report at the expense of just a few paise per email.


For a business like yours that is indulged in a cut-throat competition with its rivals, The Bulk email package of SMS Plus is a must-have tool. This Bulk email package of SMS Plus is fully capable of handling and speedily delivering a bulk volume of emails with almost cent percent accuracy.

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