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How Bulk SMS in Chandigarh can trunaround the business profitability? While selecting a marketing strategy, one thing that marketers have to make sure is that the message is delivered to the audience. Some techniques that are highly expensive quite often turn out to be frustrating as the message is not delivered to the number of people you targeted. This is not the case for Bulk SMS as the delivery service of an SMS is ultra-fast and if you are looking for Bulk SMS in Chandigarh, SMS Plus will provide you all the necessary tools to reach a bulk audience in a matter of seconds.


Industries that can make use of Bulk SMS in Chandigarh:


● Advertising and Event Management ● Education ● Insurance Industry ● Hotels and Resorts Industry ● Tours and Travel Industry ● Real Estate and Retail Industries ● Media and Entertainment Industries ● E-Commerce Industries


The above list for Bulk SMS is not limited to these Industries as there are many industries such as Banking, Automobile, and Consultants that can also take advantage.



Same Rates for Transactional and Promotional SMS


  • 100% White Label Panel

  • Actual/Virtual Credit Option

  • Delivery Quality Management

  • Industry Best Price

  • Priority Route on Request

  • Multi Level Reseller

  • Cristal Clear Delivery Report

  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

  • Instant Sender ID Approval

  • Developer API

Why to choose Bulk SMS in Chandigarh

WAYS in which you can promote your business Via Bulk SMS:

Bulk SMS is one of the most cost-effective ways for marketing campaigns. One has to make sure that these messages are short yet attractive to grab the attention of the audiences. Bulk SMS are of two types Promotional and Transactional


Personalized Messages- If you call a person by his/her name, it creates a different impact. If promotional or transactional messages mention the particular person’s name while delivering the message, it will grab his attention in a second. A personalized message can be designed while keeping consumer behavior or buying experience in context too. SMS Plus provides customized solutions for every industry whether it is a small retail company of a Multi-National Company. You can reach our team of experts fopr Bulk SMS in Chandigarh @ 7503024772


Coupons and Discounts - Who doesn’t get attracted to discounts and Coupons messages? Coupons and Discount messages are the ones that enrich the customer experience. These kinds of Bulk SMS are the ones that trigger the demand for the products of the company. No one likes to miss on the limited offers and special customized discounts. We have the best panel for bulk sms in Chandigarh.


Reminders And Website Links - A Call-to-action is a must when you intend to grab the viewers’ attention and ask them to perform a certain action that helps your business grow. A healthy reminder of both transactional and promotional Bulk SMS creates a positive impact on the audience. A website link can guide them to perform a certain action. Generally, Bulk SMS contains the link of the website that companies want their users to use. SMS Plus, while delivering the industry best price also makes sure that we can be held accountable for the delivery status of the Bulk SMS. A reliable report tracking of Bulk SMS is what makes us unique in this segment and the Best Bulk SMS, Chandigarh.


Why Bulk SMS?

Due to the increase in the availability of smartphones, marketers should find every opportunity to grab the targetted audience’s attention through this mode of communication. SMS alerts on our smartphones grab our attention instantly as we link SMS messages to important pieces of information. We will guide you in detail why Bulk SMS is important and how you can use these Bulk SMS in Chandigarh to get the best out of your business.


Global Reach and Cost-Effective- Bulk SMS makes it possible for the business to reach a wider audience as there are no restrictions due to demographic and geographic barriers. On top of that, the telecommunication network of India is pretty strong and cost-effective. You can make use of this inexpensive means of marketing efficiently.


Less Dependency- Unlike Email, which relies on the internet connection, Bulk SMS doesn’t rely on any such thing. Although internet advancement is striking by force in the country, you still have to target a certain audience that does not use the internet that often.


Grabbing Power- The high open-rate of SMS makes it possible to grab the attention of the audience in a matter of seconds. SMS has more than 90% open-rate and a customer usually takes a few minutes to open an SMS.


If you are a business located in Chandigarh and looking to promote your business through Bulk SMS in Chandigarh then SMS Plus is the Company you can go with. We offer Free Demo access too our new clients. SMS Plus makes it easier for you to target your audience effectively and efficiently as a simple login and sending process saves your time and effort. Moreover, you can make a Sender Id according to your choice. You can contact SMS Plus for Bulk SMS Chandigarh @ 7503024772

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