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Delivery Based SMS Service

If you are a business who has opted for Bulk SMS package but without Delivery SMS services, then it is high time for you to reconsider your decision. That's because probably right now you might be paying for something that you haven't been getting for a while. Every vigilant businessman is concerned about each and every penny that he spends. And the knowledge and availing Delivery SMS services are one of the steps in that direction.


In fact, the purpose of Delivery SMS services is solely intended to ensure that you only pay for the text messages that have been actually delivered. Under this service, your account automatically gets a refund of the credits of undelivered messages at the end of every month. While if you opt for Bulk SMS packages that already consist of Delivery SMS services, you may not even need to pay even a single extra penny for it.


In the business environment, you are constantly surrounded by the challenges both internally and externally. We understand the importance of each of your decisions. And when it comes to the strategically important departments like promotion and marketing, you can never afford to spend blindly. As a thousand-mile journey always begins with a single step, option for Delivery SMS based bulk SMS is your way ahead in marketing success.



Same Rates for Transactional and Promotional SMS


  • 100% White Label Panel

  • Actual/Virtual Credit Option

  • Delivery Quality Management

  • Industry Best Price

  • Priority Route on Request

  • Multi Level Reseller

  • Cristal Clear Delivery Report

  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

  • Instant Sender ID Approval

  • Developer API

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some points to help you know more about Delivery SMS.


Yes, it is possible to send delivery based SMS. The Bulk SMS package comes with an exclusive feature of delivery based SMS. Which means you will be liable to pay only for the messages that actually get delivered to the receivers. This feature starts from just ₹ 2000. And at the end of every month, the credits of all the messages will be refunded to your account that was left undelivered.

To know whether your message has been delivered or not, follow these steps:
  1. Login to your SMS panel.
  2. Click on the SMS history link.
  3. Now, you will land on a page where you will be able to see the status of every message that has been sent by you.
  4. The status bar will show either of these results:
    • Delivered- It means the message has been duly sent and received.
    • Sent- The message has been sent but not it is yet to be received.
    • Failed- The message has been sent but couldn't get delivered due to unavailability of the number.
    • Rejected- The SMS has either been refused by the receiver's operating network, or by SMS Plus.
To download SMS delivery report:
  1. First login into your SMS Plus panel.
  2. Now click on the History pane appearing on the left side of your panel.
  3. After landing on the next page, click on the SENT SMS pane.
  4. This will open up a new page from where you will be able to see the status of each and every SMS sent from your panel.
  5. Finally, click on the download pane appearing above, to download the delivery report.

Although the SMS delivery rate is generally around 80%, the delivery rate highly depends upon various factors. These factors include delivery route, handset issues, activation spam filters and database quality as well. But we at SMS plus make sure that you pay only for the messages that have been actually delivered. Also while delivering your text messages we also actively consider the fact that we opt for the best delivery route and automatically filter out those numbers that have DND services activated.

Delivery based SMS services are available starting from just Rs. 2000. The delivery based SMS services of SMS plus can be availed separately as well as with our Bulk SMS Package too. If this service is availed with our package, then you would be charged no separate amount. However, our Delivery based SMS service is laden with exclusive features like Auto DND filter, customized dashboard, instant delivery, constant customer support and swift delivery route, making it an irresistible choice!


Amongst the group of competitors that make you pay for non-effective service plans, we are here to make sure that you pay for what you actually get. Our Delivery based SMS service is designed to help you make the most of your bulk SMS efforts. The delivery based SMS services of SMS plus just focuses on providing you the best thing, at an optimum price, at the right time.

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