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Open DND SMS explains itself that you can promote your business through SMS Marketing. Open DND SMS also known as SIM Based Promotional SMS. Open DND SMS is the best way to generate leads in this competitive market. Open DND SMS has one good feature that SMS will be delievered on DND numbers as well. SMS Plus is best DND SMS Provider in Delhi.



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Open DND SMS sending tool in all sense is a boon for the business organizations that are heavily dependent upon SMS as a marketing tool, as Open DND SMS tool facilitates them to penetrate through the firewall of Do Not Disturb.


The DND feature came into play a few years back, when Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) introduced this feature to provide relief to the customers in the wake of carpet bombing of promotional messages becoming a trend among the companies. The feature gave users the choices of absolute and partial blocking of these messages.


Nevertheless, this feature eventually turned out to be a nightmare for the companies and their marketing plans. As mobile users started availing the benefit of this feature on a mass scale. But all thanks to a tool like Open DND SMS that came to the rescue of marketers in the crucial hour. The tool made it possible for marketers to maintain their access to customers despite the blockade of DND. Later on, tools, like the DND filter brought even more convenience for the marketers.


This is the reason why marketers have been able to penetrate successfully into the mobile phones of the users despite the presence of DND. Interestingly, even today the DND services are being availed by almost 45% mobile users in the major cities of India but the reach of promotional SMS texts is more than 80% in these regions. Needless to say, this has been so just and just because of this magical tool called Open DND SMS.


Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Open DND SMS


Open DND SMS are the texts that are sent on both DND and Non-DND numbers. Interestingly, in open DND texts, you don't need to take any prior approval for SMS content. You can simply begin with exercise by simply logging in to the SMS panel. Our panel has been specially designed to facilitate the sending of texts in bulk quantity on both DND/Non-DND numbers.

According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) regulations, sending messages on the DND activated numbers is allowed. However, it can only be sent when the receiver has signed up to receive your texts while signing up for your purchase.


Nevertheless, you can also use DND manager. Under this manager, you will just have to ask the user to send a message to your inbound number. This, in turn, works like an opt-in proof that lets you enhance your base. But this opt-in is valid for just 6 months.

The DND services can be activated by simply sending a text or making a call at TRAI's helpline number. This helpline also provides you the option of full blocking and partial blocking. Under full blocking, you can simply block all the numbers by sending a simple text "START 0" at 1909.


While for partial blocking, you are supposed to send "START 1/2/3/4/5/6/7" on 1909. The codes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 in the text message stand for

  • Start 1- For texts related to Banking/ insurance / financial
  • Start 2- For texts related to Real estate
  • Start 3- For texts related to Education
  • Start 4- For texts related to Health
  • Start 5- For texts related to Consumer goods and automobiles
  • Start 6- For texts related to Communication/ broadcasting/ entertainment /IT
  • Start 7- For texts related to Tourism and leisure

However, you can also request to activate DND services on your number via call by dialling 1909.

To know whether DND is activated on your phone or not, you can simply use the DND checker tool. To avail the benefit of this SMS DND checker, first, log in to your sms panel. Then click on the menu bar where you will see the tab of DND Checker. Thereafter click on that tab and enter the 10- digit phone number that you wish to scan. Then click on search and wait for the results.

To stop DND services on your number, type 'STOP' on your mobile phone and send it to 1909. Also, you can make a call at 1909 and register your request to stop the DND services on your number. The request may take almost 7 days to process. Also, you must remember that you won't be able to make another DND request for the next 3 months once you have stopped the previous one.


So, if you are a business owner who is planning to spearhead into the market through the medium of SMS, then you must actively consider SMS Plus's Open DND SMS tool not as an option but as a proactive choice. The Open DND SMS tool of SMS Plus that comes with features like API, Unique Sender ID, Open Template, and 24×7 services has been specially designed keeping the needs and difficulties of your business in mind. So get your Open DND SMS tool today itself.

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