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If you go around looking for a reason as to why you need a tool like Excel Plugin SMS, then always bear in your mind that in a highly dynamic market like India where a business has to deal with numerous internal and external challenges, things can never be at ease without tools like Excel Plugin SMS, as this tool goes best on the standard of speed.


Generally, sending a customized text message to the thousands of the recipients is a time consuming process. But with the help of Excel Plugin, this can be done within just a few minutes. Since the use of Excel plugin helps you to perform this function directly from the Excel sheet and even more intriguing is that it can be without logging in into your Bulk SMS panel.


Thus a time stitcher tools like Excel plugin can turn out to be an ultimate game changer for your business because we live in a world where 16 million text messages are exchanged every minute. Therefore, the delay of even a minute can snatch away the game from you. Apart from this other features like analytics and customization allows you to make modifications as per your convenience.



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  • 100% White Label Panel

  • Actual/Virtual Credit Option

  • Delivery Quality Management

  • Industry Best Price

  • Priority Route on Request

  • Multi Level Reseller

  • Cristal Clear Delivery Report

  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

  • Instant Sender ID Approval

  • Developer API

Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Excel Plugin SMS


Indeed it is possible to send SMS from excel file. For this you will have to
  1. Prepare a list of all the contacts number in an Excel sheet whom you wish to send messages.
  2. Now install the Microsoft flow Excel add-in in your system from the Home Tab.
  3. For the further process, you would need a User ID and password of your sms account.
  4. Now go back to your data tab and click on flow add-in to open flow window pane.
  5. Then locate the file that contains contact numbers whom you have to send the message.
  6. Now select the columns that contain phone number and names of the recipients.
  7. Add them to the Phone number and text areas appearing on your screen.
  8. To proceed further press the Save button and start sending messages with the send button.
For using excel plug in first:
  1. Install the SMS Excel plugin in your system.
  2. After installing launch Microsoft Excel.
  3. Once you launch the plugin, a new button will be displayed. From here you will be able to use this SMS Excel plugin.
  4. Now Login into your panel by using your username and password.
  5. Thereafter enter text in the text message section. You can also customize the text by double clicking on the column.
  6. Select the column in the sheet that contains phone number of the receivers.
  7. After entering all the details, you can also preview the draft before clicking on schedule or send button

Yes, it is possible to send more than 100 SMS per day from Excel plugin software but only when you are not operating from an individual prepaid/ post-paid connection. In fact the plugin is capable of sending more than 1000 SMS per second. The cap of 200 SMS is applicable only on the individual phone connections. Whereas the Bulk SMS packages are capable of sending even 10 million messages in a single day.

Indeed, you can send personalized SMS from Excel plugin. But for this, you must have Excel plugin installed in your panel. So once you are done with installing this plugin, do as under -

  1. Log in into your panel using your username and password.
  2. Now enter the text in the text message section that you wish to send.
  3. Now double click on the text that you want to customize according to the user.
  4. Then select the text that you want to customize.
  5. Enter the text that you want to keep in place of selected text.
  6. Select the column of the sheet that contains phone number whom you want to send this message.
  7. Take a preview of the entered details and click on send/schedule to dispatch the messages.

The validity of Excel plugin SMS software ranges from 3 months to 12 months or in some cases it also depends on your sms service provider. The plugin comes with exclusive features like text personalization, campaign management, scheduling, analytics, delivery tracking etc. The features are likely to vary as per your package.


So, in today's highly competitive environment where you have to match up with new challenges every day, SMS Plus's Excel plugin tool can be your helping hand to a great extent. Our Excel plugin tool that comes with features like message delivery tracking, report, and text personalization can be availed in a very pocket friendly price.

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