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In today's highly sophisticated tech oriented market, Google Business Email has rapidly emerged as a game defining tool. Google Business Email is a part of Google's G suite plan that was launched in the year 2006. The G Suite comprises of hangouts, Gmail, calendars, Drive, docs, sheets, slides, and forms.


Launched in 2004, Google's brainchild Gmail today is one of the most recognised tools of communication all around the globe. Today there are more than 1 billion people around the world who use Gmail. While more than 70% of the total emails sent every day, are sent using Google's Gmail.


Nevertheless, with the passage of time Google's Business Email's popularity kept on surging swiftly alongside other products of Google. And today the number of active subscribers of Google's business email is more than 5 million. Although there are substitutes like Yahoo in the market who offer services that are on similar lines with Google but they are nowhere near Google when it comes to popularity. The reason is of course its high security features, spam filters, offline accessibility, highly responsive and accountable tech support, and easy handling. These features give Google business email a decisive edge over its closest rivals. And most importantly the procurement cost of this service is around just $5 per month.


Email Features


  • Inbuilt Templates

  • Easy to Use Content Editor

  • Use Custom Template

  • Detailed Email Reports

  • Schedule Emails

  • Free Support

  • Critical Alerts

  • Staff/ Team Emails

  • Personalized Emails

  • Maximum Inbox Delivery

  • Bulk Data Upload

  • One Click Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Google Business Email


Google business emails are the emails sent from Google's business accounts. Google business email is a part of Google's product line - a robust and pocket friendly email system that can provide you customised domains to help you enhance the professional outlook of your brand. The business account plan is available in 3 categories namely basic, business and enterprise. The basic package is available at a cost of just $6/User with twice the storage of normal gmail account. The best part about Google business email account is that it can be used even offline. Which means you can read and draft mails even without internet.

A personal account provides you access to all the products and services of Google. Like Gmail, blogger etc. This account can be created by any email account even though it's an organizational account. Whenever you sign up for gmail, it automatically creates an account with address. While a business account is created with the address of However a business account provides access only to Gmail, calendar, video, docs, sites, and groups.

The G suite's basic package starts from just $6/ user per month up to 5 users. The basic package provides 30GB storage space for Google Drive and Gmail. The basic package is followed by G suite business package. The Business package is available at $12/user per month. This package provides data storage up to 1TB for 5 members. But if you purchase more than 5 licenses, you will get unlimited cloud storage space. Next one is Enterprise Cost Package. For this package, you will have to pay $25 USD/ User per month. This package allows you to enjoy unlimited cloud and inbox storage.

To link your domain with Google email first of all you must have:
  • A Purchased domain name.
  • Website ready.
  • DNS record or auto connect instructions.


Once you have made sure that you have all three of them:
  1. Login into your DNS console.
  2. Add Web host record to your console.
  3. Your domain will be redirected to your website immediately but the process could take up to 72 hours to complete.
  4. But in case the process still clings on even after the completion of 72 hours, contact your domain host support immediately.

On Google business emails, each user can have up to 30 emails. While the Google business email lets you use other features like calendar, Google hangouts for chats, video and voice call. The business accounts also have inbuilt features like spam filters that keep your inbox away from perceived threats.


So, no matter whether you are a small scale enterprise or a business with turnover in millions, the business email accounts of gmail is relevant for each one of them. As this sophisticated tool with features like enormous storage space, easy accessibility, offline accessibility and spam filter makes it a necessity for your business.

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