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When you think of sending message to multiple people term which come to our mind is group SMS. Now we need to understand that what is group SMS? How group SMS works? A tool like group SMS is one of the most efficient methods for maintaining swift connectivity with your business stakeholders. Especially in the current market scenario where brands and businesses constantly bombard customers with ads, group SMS and bulk SMS helps you initiate direct communication with your customers and makes your business stand out amongst the crowd.


In today's world when we talk about communication, we can’t help but admit that it is all about platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, etc. Currently, there are more than 800 million phone users in India out of which only 390 million users have internet connectivity round the clock. Instant messaging platforms like social media may be very good but we can’t ignore the fact that these are dependent upon internet connectivity and can’t be relied upon totally, especially if your business is targeting tier2 and tier3 cities & less developed areas of the country. In such scenarios, you need to go back to the basics aka the good, old bulk SMS.


A phone may or may not have internet connectivity, but it would definitely be able to receive or send text messages, doesn’t matter if it's a smartphone or a basic feature phone. Thus, it can be your ticket to penetrate into uncharted territories of the market. No internet access? No issues! Be in touch with your audience on the go, regarding everything right from product launches, offers, events, etc. Need to send one message to a large number of recipients with the same content? Group SMS is a tool that comes handy here. It helps you send SMS from the dashboard to a specific group of contacts which are a part of your contact list.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Group SMS


In simple terms, group SMS are those text messages that are sent to a specific group of contacts from a dashboard. This feature is used to send one message with similar content to a multiple number of recipients. While sending group SMS, you can make use of many useful features such as “custom fields” that lets you customise fields within your SMS such as the recipient’s first name, company name etc. Suppose, you have to send a text message regarding an upcoming event to 4 people w, x, y and z, then this feature will help you insert the respective names of each recipient in the message.

Group SMS can help you stay connected with your existing customers as well as helps you in tapping new customers. From sending instant updates to your customers regarding any new promotion activities of your business to sending festival greetings, group SMS is an extremely efficient customer engagement tool.


And not to forget, the tool is also an extremely cost effective medium. By spending just a few thousand rupees you can take your business to a huge number of audience within minutes. While achieving the same via any other medium might cost you far more than this.

In order to create groups in Bulk SMS Panel:
  1. First login into your account with user id and password provided to you by your bulk SMS service provider.
  2. Now click on manage groups or add contacts.
  3. Click on the manage group or add group.
  4. Now add a new group and give a new name to your group.
  5. Once you are done checking the group name click on bulk import.
  6. Now click on import the file and choose from text or csv.
  7. Now download the sample to create your file.
  8. Choose the file and upload.


Bingo! You are done.

In business operation, nothing can beat direct communication. With bulk SMS, you can reach millions of people from your target audience directly into their phones. Whether you are launching a new product or promoting an existing one, bulk SMS lets you have a direct communication with your potential customers in just a blink of an eye.


Although, a lot of us may consider this outdated, but this tool can be a game changer in today's dynamic market as well.

In order to send SMS to all contacts together, follow the steps below in our bulk SMS panel:
  1. Click on compose SMS appearing in the main menu.
  2. Now click on add or group option from your contacts.
  3. Now select the sender id from which you want the message to be delivered. (you can add recipients from your contact list or groups created by you, lists or your frequently used contacts)
  4. Now type or paste the text that you want to be delivered.
  5. After completing all of the above steps, click on preview text or send.
  6. And you’re done!


In the age of social media when your audience is bombarded with new ads every day, bulk SMS service is a cost effective yet impactful medium to let your audience notice your business. Are you ready for growing your business through best bulk SMS company?

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