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OTP SMS is a text that carries a password that is eligible for just one time use. OTP SMS texts are generally used for the purpose of secure logins, payments and transaction approvals. These types of texts are generally valid for a particular time frame or a session.


The whole working of the OTP SMS is based on the 2 step security system. It begins with the generation of OTP from the operator's end and finishes when the user enters this password into the gateway for completing a payment or log in.


These secure features are the only reason why it is widely being used by the banking, financing and e-commerce companies. The induction of OTP SMS in the market has brought down the cases of online forgery and cheating to a great extent. As use of OTP helps in eliminating the bots and spammers from the entire process. Therefore it would be nowhere wrong to say that this tool has become a necessity for businesses.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for OTP SMS


The entire system of OTP SMS gateway is based on the cellular network. The OTP (One time password) is a legitimate password that is valid for one session. The process begins with the generation of an OTP that takes place on the end of the operator. Thereafter, the OTP is sent to the consumer via APIs and in response the user enters the OTP into the gateway for the completion of exercise. In this entire process, the gateway works as a relay that translates one protocol into another.

To avail this feature on your website, you must have plugins like phone validator tool attached to your website. First activate this plugin in your word press or in your website and Setup API. After uploading the Plugin, the first thing that you have to do is to create your own account kit token in case of word press website and you can use the ID provided by your sms service provider in case of other websites platform. Once you are done with integrating API, you can begin with the process of asking mobile number input from the user. Which will be followed by the process of OTP generation, storing it in session, sending the OTP using APIs. This Plugin comes with features that will help you to keep fake emails, mobile phones, and spammers at bay.

OTP SMS verification is crucial because it:
  1. Ensures safety of payment and transactions.
  2. Secures the online accounts being operated from multiple devices.
  3. Ensures that spammers and bots remain at bay.
  4. Helps securing online documents that contain sensitive information like legal, financial or medical information.
  5. Resetting passwords.
  6. Delivery drop box authentication.
OTP SMS services are generally availed by following industries:-
  1. Banking institutions
  2. E-commerce platforms
  3. Shipping companies
  4. Online transportation companies
  5. Digital wallets
  6. Web Portals

In terms of pricing, the cost of OTP SMS services varies between 10 paisa to 18 paisa per sms. The pricing of an OTP SMS service generally depends on the features that come along with the package. Also the pricing of your OTP SMS text is likely vary according to the quantity. If you opt for bulk quantity texts, then the cost per text is likely to be lesser.


For every business that is a part of today's market, a tool like OTP SMS service is an ultimate game changer. As this tool plays a crucial role in the process of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the customer's data, which is the foremost thing needed to build a relationship of trust. You can rely upon SMS Plus for professional OTP SMS services.

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