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Picture SMS is an improvised version of text SMS that allows you to transfer images along with the text. Earlier, the SMS service was just restricted to text messaging. But gradually this basic tool evolved and today it is capable of transferring almost every multimedia content ranging from audio, video to pdf files.


And ever since it became capable of transferring multimedia content, it became a popular marketing tool. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that even in the age of WhatsApp and Email, more than 23 billion text messages are exchanged every day and by the time you finish reading this paragraph more than 10 million messages would have got exchanged.


And what’s even more intriguing is that almost 98% of the SMS texts have an open rate. This is the reason why this tool has always been a crucial tool for businesses. A survey says that almost 80 people prefer using text messaging for carrying out their business related communications. And the induction of multimedia content exchange feature has added some tremendous might to its power. Now an operator can avail the option of Picture SMS to send out its message to the user embedded into a graphic card or an image. This not just occupies less space but is also more effective when it comes to impact. This is so because graphic depiction of any information is likely to leave more impact as compared to plain text.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Picture SMS


Picture SMS is a form of multimedia messaging service that allows users to send pictures/ images along with the text message. It is an extension of Short message services protocol that enables sharing of multimedia content like images, videos, GIFs, animations and audios with the receiver.

  1. A multimedia form of message.
  2. More responsive form of text messaging.
  3. Allows you to embed more text with the help of pictures.
  4. Allows you to have greater penetration into the masses.
  5. Picture SMS function is a costly affair as it costs more than an average Bulk SMS package or in some cases sms service provider provides this feature in the same panel with same price and SMS Plus is one the companies from industry.
Yes, one can send pictures in text SMS. Here is how to do it:
  1. First tap on the message icon of your phone and if you are performing this exercise from your panel, then first login into your account using your login id and password. Then choose the MMS as message type or just click on shorten url.
  2. Then click on the paper clip icon appearing on your screen.
  3. Click on the image icon appearing on your screen.
  4. Then choose the image from your phone (up to 3 or 5 images max) that you wish to send and enter text if you wish to.
  5. After uploading the image, enter the contact number to whom you want to send this image or choose that contact from your contact list if it is already saved in your phone.
  6. And at last click on the send to dispatch.
Yes it is possible to send pictures in SMS text both from web and mobile phone. For this:
  1. First click on the message icon if you are using a mobile phone. Whereas if you wish to perform this function from a panel then first login into your account and select MMS as message type or click on shorten url.
  2. Now click on the paper clip icon appearing on your screen.
  3. Once you will click on that icon, an icon displaying a logo of image will appear on the screen.
  4. Now select the images that you want to send.
  5. Once you are done with uploading, enter the text if you wish to.
  6. Enter the phone number or select the contact number of the recipient, if it already exists in your contact.
  7. And finally click on the send button to dispatch the text.
To send pictures and PDF together first:
  1. Login to your dashboard with the help of username and password or if you are using a mobile phone then simply click on the message icon appearing on your screen.
  2. Click on the attachment icon visible on your screen.
  3. As soon as you will click on the icon, other icons will eventually pop up.
  4. First click on the image icon and choose the image that you want to send.
  5. Now click on the same attachment icon and then click on the document icon.
  6. As soon as you will click on the document icon, you will be able to choose among the existing PDF documents in your phone.
  7. After uploading the documents and pics, you can enter text if you wish to.
  8. And finally click on the send button to dispatch the message after completing these steps.


In a market like India, where you have to deal with challenges like language barrier, connectivity issues, and high competitiveness, a tool like Picture SMS can make a lot of difference. This tool will not just let you present your information in a more scuttled way but will also keep you a step ahead of your competitors when it comes to establishing communication with your consumers. Also drafting of these kinds of texts take quite a lesser time as compared to textual ones. In a word, Picture SMS is an answer to many of our problems. SMS Plus is a professional provider of all kinds of SMS services. Check out various plans and pricing packages today!

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