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A tool like Promotional Email can never be ignored in a country, where the number of internet users is greater than the population of many countries. Before, introspecting the question as to why Promotional Email is important for you as a business, remember that in India, right now there are more than 483 million internet users out of which 390 million people use the internet from their mobile phones. It means that almost 390 million people can access email anytime, anywhere. However as far as the use of email is concerned, there are more than 300 million email accounts in our country, which used to be even less than 50 million at the beginning of this decade.


This simply means that the number of email users in India in just one decade has gone up 6 times and this figure is expected to soar even more in the coming decade. Therefore, smart use of this tool can take you to the email inboxes of 300+ million people in just a single click. Nevertheless, just making an entry into their inboxes is not enough. As dozens of brands like you are already into their inboxes. So in order to hit the chord right, you need to do something different.


Email Features


  • Inbuilt Templates

  • Easy to Use Content Editor

  • Use Custom Template

  • Detailed Email Reports

  • Schedule Emails

  • Free Support

  • Critical Alerts

  • Staff/ Team Emails

  • Personalized Emails

  • Maximum Inbox Delivery

  • Bulk Data Upload

  • One Click Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Promotional Email


Promotional Email Marketing is an exercise of sending promotional emails in bulk quantity with the motto of pushing up sales. A promotional email usually offers incentives and offers to pull up sales volume and revenue of the business. These types of mails are generally focused on convincing customers to purchase a particular product. Written in a call to action tone, promotional emails are generally ended with a call to download, purchase, register or subscribe for a service/good.

To create an effective promotional email template:
  1. For creating a customized template of your own, first log in to the dashboard Email Panel.
  2. Choose a template from the pre-loaded templates on the dashboard.
  3. Now try to match the colour theme of the template with the colour of your company's brand logo or website's theme.
  4. Note down the text, if required.
  5. And finally save the template for future use.
While drafting the main body text make sure that
  • The main text is in accordance with your brand image.
  • Don't forget to mention your contact information.
  • The mail must be focused on the consumer.
  • The mail must be precise and to the point.
  • You at least use one image in the mail in order to give a good texture to the overall main body.

Yes, it is possible to send promotional emails in bulk quantity. But to make it happen, you would need a platform that can provide you an altogether different perspective of the email marketing, dispatch automated emails, personalize your campaigns, manage your subscribers and monitor their outcomes.


You can easily get a combo of all these things with the promotional email package of SMS Plus. The SMS Plus's package also has attractive add-ons like free templates, integration support from ecommerce, CRM and CMS tools.

Yes, you can send promotional emails from your regular Gmail account. Although it is not possible with a normal Gmail account but can be made possible with the help of tools like GMass. The tools transform your normal Gmail account into a powerful bulk message sending platform. GMass also has features like mail personalization, call back values, auto first name detection to boost your conversion rate. Apart from this, this tool also contains some additional yet useful features like an inbuilt tracker, mail list manager, and advanced mail distributor makes it more powerful.


So, for a business like yours that have got something exciting to offer, our package of Promotional Email services is the best bait. The promotional Email package of SMS Plus comes with exclusive features like high volume mail delivery, unlimited recipient list, Quick-fire delivery, tech support, and campaign tracking. And most importantly you get all these features at a cost of just a few thousand rupees.

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