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Before asking as to why SENDER ID SMS texts matter for your business remembers that in this market-oriented age, your business’s brand name is a huge thing that matters to your audience. In today's intensely competitive market, a tool like SENDER ID SMS is not just your name but also your face in the market. Sender ID helps your existing and prospective customers to identify you in the crowd of your competitors, where some of the names might even resemble yours.


So a unique Sender ID ahead of your company's text number is all that you need in order to establish yourself distinctively in the market. An average mobile phone user receives 100s of SMS on a daily basis. However, most people hardly pay serious attention to even a dozen of them. Which means almost 90% of the texts end up being in the pile of unread messages?


The use of Sender ID ultimately enhances the power of your message that you wish to convey to your people. Although the tool SMS is in itself a game-changing tool for any business, this becomes even mightier when you use features like sender ID with it.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Sender ID SMS


Sender ID-based SMS are the texts that are sent from a unique identification coded server/connection. The sender ID of any SMS is the displayed value of the actual source from where the text has been delivered. For instance, your company name is your SENDER ID. And as per the TRAI regulations Sender ID can be of 6 Alphabets only and it cannot contain specials characters, spaces or numeric characters. Earlier it was used to be mobile number as well but that was violating the policies so trai changed it to alphabets only.

To send a message with a custom Sender ID, the first thing you need is 6 Alphabets, which can only be obtained while purchasing a Bulk Sms package. SMS plus's bulk SMS package comes with a unique custom Sender ID, which is generated by the system but you can also get a custom sender ID of your choice by just making some minor changes in your panel itself. To do this:

  1. First log in into your panel with the given username and password.
  2. Then straightaway click on the settings icon.
  3. Once you get into the settings you will see a Sender ID pane.
  4. Now click on the Sender ID pane. This click will take you to a page where you will find all your Sender Ids.
  5. Now click on the Sender Id in which you wish to make changes.
  6. Enter the Sender ID that you wish to make.
  7. After making changes, click on OK.
  8. Now you can start sending messages that you want you.
To change your sender ID, follow these steps:
  1. Login to your SMS Plus panel with the provided username and password.
  2. Then click on the settings option.
  3. This click will take you into the settings where will see Sender ID option.
  4. Now click on Sender ID panel where you will find all your Sender IDs with a settings icon in front of each ID.
  5. Thereafter, click on the Sender ID that you want to change.
  6. After this click, you will land into a new pane where you will have to enter the new 6 letter sender ID. But remember that all of them must be in English of the alphabet. For e.g.:- INDIA.
  7. Click on ok and wait.

It is possible to send SMS with the company's name only with the use of Alpha sender IDs. Alpha codes are generally made with the combination of Alphabets. The alphabets provide you a unique code that denotes the name of your company, name, product or any of your services. This method is regarded as an effective way to establish brand awareness.

The format of Sender ID generally depends upon its type, which are divided into 3 categories:
  1. Long Code Sender ID: The long code Sender ID is like usual phone numbers. The long code IDs generally consists of 10 digit phone numbers. However, these types of codes are not meant for high volume messaging. These are only suitable for personal use or for some brand awareness and it is usually used by Live TV Shows etc.
  2. Short Code Sender ID: Short code Sender IDs are six alphabets only. They are usually meant for sending out messages in bulk quantity. However there is no specific format for it. Every service provider has its own specific code with which the code generally begins and rest part is automatically generated by the system or you can also set your custom code as well.
  3. Alphanumeric ID: Alphanumeric codes are generally made up with the combination of Alphabets and numerical values. The Alphabets are generally used for denoting the initial of any company or entity. While rest are system generated numeric. The length of alphanumeric codes is generally between six to eleven characters. But although it is been stopped by govt. now days.


So if you are a business who is either already a part or planning to be a part of this highly dynamic market, SMS Plus's Bulk SMS package is the best option to go for you. Our packages not just provide premium features like 24×7 tech support, analytics, customized panel, but it also gives you unlimited customized Sender IDs of your own. Plus our experience in the field of Bulk SMS services will also prove to be a guiding force for you in the market.

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