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In this technology-driven age, the Transactional Email services are not merely an email service but far more than that. The recent transformations in the market's matrix have even more complex phenomena. The new market and its matrices are not determined by one or two factors but by dozens of factors. And Transactional Email is probably one of them.


Especially with the emergence of service-based businesses, the relevance of Transactional Email has increased tremendously. In the current scenario, it has almost become a backbone for businesses dealing with ecommerce, banking, finance, and shipment. This tool is essential not only from the business's operational point of view but is also crucial from the perspective of data safety. Transactional email is an effective way of keeping bots and spammers at arm's length from the confidential data of both company and customer as we live in a world where almost 269 billion emails are sent or received every day. And it is very likely that anyone can get hit by unethical elements in cyberspace.


Transactional email is an effective way of making sure that the right thing gets only to the right person. Therefore, a handy tool cum safety cover like Transactional email is the need of the hour for every business that is engaged in an intense competition with the market big shots.


Email Features


  • Inbuilt Templates

  • Easy to Use Content Editor

  • Use Custom Template

  • Detailed Email Reports

  • Schedule Emails

  • Free Support

  • Critical Alerts

  • Staff/ Team Emails

  • Personalized Emails

  • Maximum Inbox Delivery

  • Bulk Data Upload

  • One Click Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Transactional Email


Transactional Email Marketing is an exercise of sending promotional emails to the users who are registered as your customers. These types of mails generally include updates and information regarding offers, discounts, sales, and events. But remember these types of emails are sent only to the people who are your existing customers or subscribers. Transactional Email marketing is generally brought into use to retain the existing customer base by keeping in touch with them. This is why the volume of Transactional marketing mails is quite small as compared to conventional marketing mails.


Transaction Email Marketing basically means that you can promote your brand/ services/ products to your registered members like we receive emails on a regular basis from Flip kart, Amazon or any website once we will do the sign up with them.

No, unlike marketing-oriented emails, Transactional emails are just used for a particular set of recipients who are in limited numbers. The transactional emails are majorly used for the purpose of customer interaction. Major types of transactional emails include order confirmation emails; password reset emails, subscription plan upgrade emails, and shipment tracking emails.

The unsubscribe button is required only in marketing-oriented emails, not in Transactional emails. As per the norms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there is no hard and fast norm regarding the presence of the Unsubscribe button in a Transactional mail as Subscribe/Unsubscribe button is generally not used in Transactional Emails. It is totally up to the sender whether he wants to keep this button or not. But in case if he is uncomfortable with its use, then he can consider using an email preference center.

A trigger can be defined as an automated email sent by marketers to inform their customers. This type of mail is generally dropped when a user subscribes to any service. Trigger emails are generally sent with an intention to make the subscriber believe that he has subscribed to a reliable brand. It is an automatic reaction to a particular action made by the subscribers.

Transactional emails drop into inbox more frequently as compared to Bulk emails as users expect and want to receive this sort of mail. This is the reason why Transactional emails have higher open and click rates as compared to promotional emails. Also, Transactional mail receives fewer spam reports while promotional emails are reported more frequently in the spam category. All these reasons make Transactional emails a more reliable and reputed option. And interestingly these are also the reasons that determine whether an email will end up in the spam folder or inbox.


So, if you are a company looking for a Transactional Email service provider, you must check out the Transactional email package of SMS Plus.


Our Transactional Email service package is laden with exquisite features like high-speed delivery, real-time delivery, analytics report, campaign tracking, and data safety. So having a tool with such exquisite features will surely give you a precise and decisive edge over your prevailing competitors in the market.

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