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Transactional SMS in Delhi

If you are a bank, a firm, or any other entity dealing in transaction based business model, you can use the services of a transactional SMS Service Provider in Delhi and smoothen up most of your tasks with ease without burning a hole in your pocket.  With people using more and more smartphones everyday, sending informational messages to your customers on their mobile phones is the best way to be in contact with them. Transactional SMS is a message which is sent by an organization to their customers to acknowledge the transactions that have been performed by them on their website or application. The delivery of such messages takes place 24*7 and can be sent by a bank, a website from where a person bought a service or even an alert for an event.


The most common uses of transactional SMS include messages by banks to their account holders regarding any alteration in their account balance or any other transaction. If you are a website wherein your customers buy a product or service, then a transactional SMS Service Provider in Gurgaon can help you in sending order confirmation messages to your customers and keeping them updated. When you purchase a number for your transactional SMS, choose a 6 alphabet Sender ID which will be used in sending your transactional messages. Once your sender ID is finalized, add various templates for approval in the SMS setting page on your portal. Your service provider will filter the SMS based on these templates. If the body of your SMS matches these templates, then it will be sent as a transactional SMS. You can have a look at some of the examples of transactional SMS and then opt for a desired template. So the next time you are thinking of ways to maintain a communication of transactions with your customers, choose transactional SMS services by SMS Plus.



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Transactional SMS

Transactional messages are those texts that carry information like one-time passwords, order confirmation messages, and courier tracking messages. Just like promotional SMS, Transactional SMS works on a unique 6 digit sender ID. However the difference lies in terms of its deliverability. These SMS texts can be delivered round the clock as compared to promotional one which can only be delivered between 9 am to 9 pm. But apart from these, the transactional SMS carries a huge advantage with itself i.e. it can be delivered on DND and Non- DND activated numbers.


Transactional messaging services are generally availed by banking institutions, finance companies, e-commerce platforms, and Shipment services providing organizations. The transactional texts usually come into play when the question of data security and user authentication pops up, as the coded messages are quite effective in keeping spammers and bots at bay.


Such tools are more vital for a business organization than a consumer. Since the reputation of a company in today's market heavily relies on factors like consumer data safety and frankly speaking, nothing else can be better than Transactional SMS when it comes to ensuring data safety and forgery prevention. So, this magic tool in today's scenario is no more a matter of choice but has actually become a matter of compulsion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Transactional SMS


Transactional messages are the texts that are used for the purpose of passing on information to the consumers regarding products and services. It is a tool of interaction that is primarily used for the purpose of marketing and maintaining touch with consumers. It is also used for authenticating transactions, order confirmations, order updates, shipment tracking, etc.

Yes, it is possible to send transactional SMS texts to the DND activated numbers. For this:

  1. First set up an open route DND account on.
  2. Then get your Sender ID approved from support team.
  3. Thereafter choose a package from the available packages or get a package customized as per your requirements.
  4. Now you are all set to send transactional texts to DND numbers. You can begin by entering the text and numbers.

No, transactional SMS are not meant for bulk promotion. They can only be used for sending one-time passwords, account authentication texts, order confirmation messages, order placements, etc. For promotional purposes, you can use promotional texts as these texts are particularly designed to meet the marketing and promotional needs. These messages contain a targeted text, with precise information for a particular set of people, arranged in a professional tone. And most importantly it comes with a call to action which facilitates action over the offer proposed in the text.

Promotional SMS are the ones that are sent to the customers with the purpose of promoting brands via medium offers, discounts, coupon codes, etc. While Transactional SMS texts are meant for conveying information like OTP, account authentication, order tracking, and order confirmation. The benefit of promotional SMS can be availed only between 9 am to 9 pm whereas the transactional texts are available for 24×7×365. However, from the point of view of delivery on DND numbers, Transactional Sms texts have an edge over promotional ones.

The benefit of Transactional SMS texts in India can be availed at an utterly economical price range. The transactional SMS package starts from just 1,000 INR. The starter package comes with 1-year validity, 5000 texts, round the clock tech support, Unicode Texts, Sender ID, real-time delivery report and Sender ID. Further on, this service is also available in the packages ranging 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 1, 00,000, and 3, 00,000. The topmost package offers more than 25, 00,000 texts at an unbelievable price of 10 paise per text.


So, if you are a business who has to deal with challenges like ensuring safety of consumer's data and deal with spammers in its day to day operations, then this wonderful tool is just for you. Our Transactional SMS package is laden with features like the customized dashboard, 24×7×365 tech support, Real-time delivery report, package customization, and most importantly, you will get this all at a very pocket-friendly price.

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