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The relevance of tools like Video SMS in today's market can be understood by the fact that though many things would have come and gone but none of them could move SMS texts from its place even a bit. Despite rapid technological progress this tool didn't just manage to maintain its importance but also kept on evolving with each passing year. As a result of this, today it has been able to evolve itself into a multi-tasking tool like Video SMS or Picture Sms from a plain texting tool.


Today, text messaging platform is capable of transferring almost every multimedia content right from audio, video, and photograph to PDF files. That's probably the reason why even highly sophisticated tools like WhatsApp and email have failed to replace it and it is very unlikely that it will even lose its relevance, come what may.


All hail to add on features like multimedia content sharing that it has become more effective than ever before. Other than this the mass penetration of SMS tool is another reason why this tool is so popular. Since the feature of SMS is available even in basic feature phones and can be operated even without an internet connection. Hence use of SMS both multimedia and non-multimedia can help you penetrate deep into the hinterland of the country like India where internet is yet to touch millions of lives.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Keypoints for Video SMS


Video SMS in simple terms is a multimedia form of messaging that contains message in the video form other than text. In this message, the sender sends either videos or its link to the receiver. Just like picture sms, video sms too is an extension of short message services protocol that enables sharing of multimedia content like images, videos, GIFs and audios with the users.

Indeed, you can send video through text Sms. To send a video, first move to the main menu option of your phone and find the video text option. Now click on the send new video button and pick out the video that you wish to send from the list of existing videos from your phone. Click on the selected video and enter the phone number to whom you want to send this video. If the receiver is listed in your contact list then just pick his name out of the existing contacts. Now create a caption and subject line of the message. Thereafter click on 'send message' button to dispatch the video or in some panels you can create the short link of the video from shorten URL and share the link only from Compose sms button.

In text messages, the maximum time length for a video message can be 20 seconds. While the size of the file must not exceed 20 MBs. Also the video must be in either .mov or .mp4 format or whatever the panel suggests as it depends on the sms panel service provider as well. Whereas the recommended resolution for landscape videos is (16:9) 1280w × 720h and in case of horizontal videos the ideal resolution is (16:9) 640×1138 h. One should also note that the video must also fulfil the criteria of 30 fps.

  1. First log in into your dashboard by entering your username and password.
  2. Next make sure you select MMS as message type or it also depends on sms panel provider as well.
  3. Now click on the paperclip icon appearing in your message box.
  4. Thereafter select and upload the desired video. But while selecting the video you must keep in mind that its size must not exceed 1 MB. But if your video's size is more than 1 MB, then you can paste the link instead of sending video.
  5. Once you are done with uploading the video, you can start sending out video by entering recipient's number or you can schedule the same for later as well.
To send a URL of a video through SMS:
  1. First login into your dashboard via username and password.
  2. Now select SMS as a type.
  3. Thereafter paste the URL in the message box that you want to send.
  4. To shorten the URL, you can avail the option of URL shortener by clicking shorten URL or sometimes it also present in the sms panel itself as well. This will not only help you save characters for your message but also retain your data.
  5. Now the video will appear as a link in the message box.
  6. Type the text that you want to send along with the URL before sending out/ scheduling your message.


Hence, if you are a business who is looking to set its foot into a demographically complex market like India, then Video SMS can be perfect bait for you. SMS Plus is a professional provider of this service. As this medium can carry more information in less space with greater impact, video SMSs are more relevant to marketers. While on the other side traditional text message may carry your message in comparatively less cost but its impact may not match up video SMS texts.

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